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Pilar's bio in a nutshell
My passion to be a makeup artist started very young. After finishing my Bachelors in Education at the University of Texas in Brownsville TX, I decided to follow my dreams and moved to Austin to become a professional makeup artist. I got certified at the University of Texas for stage and photography makeup artistry. In 1998 I started working for Chanel followed by MAC, Nars, Dior and the Estee Lauger Companies.

In 2010 I won the Austin Fashion Week Best Makeup Artist award. That same year however, as my career was at the brink to skyrocket, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My life changed course and I started my health transformation and recovery journey.

My research and determination to get well lead me to take the bull by the horns and be my own advocate of health. After attending classes on nutrition, hormone balance, and healthy eating I have transformed my body and life and not only did I beat the big C but I feel great! 

Now, that I’m on my feet feeling strong, healthy, and full of life and I feel stronger than ever about my work. My success is now based on beauty inside and out. Click on “My Favorite Products” link to read about the products I use that help me feel full of energy and balanced.

In 2011 Univision gave me the opportunity to do a beauty segment speaking to Hispanic women about beauty inside and out. This year I am back on the show Despierta Austin where I can reach thousands of women about the importance of health and beauty as a combo to look and feel, better.

Today, I also work for Dr. Dennis Gross, skin cancer researcher in New York. I sell and apply his skin care products that are Paraben free, vegan and gluten free. These products have transformed my skin from dull and uneven to radiant and healthy more so than any other product out there I’ve used. I love to give women the tools and advise to look and feel better and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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Pilar Davila at RAW: Austin (Junction) 9/15/11